‘How To’

Follow these steps to make sun protection your #newfamilyrule.

1. Family Discussion

As a family, discuss why sun protection is your #newfamilyrule and outline how to protect your skin.

2. Get Ready

Gather your sun protection tools (hat, long clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, shade) and place them in several accessible spots in your home, car and outdoor spaces. Check the UV Index daily.

3. Build Sun Protection Into Your Life

Establish routines such as ‘hats and shoes on’, ‘sunscreen after meals and snacks’ and scheduling outdoor activities before 11 a.m. or after 3 p.m., if possible.

4. Be a Role Model

Your #newfamilyrule will be most successful if you show your kids that sun protection is important for every member of the family. Be a role model—protect your skin outdoors and avoid indoor tanning equipment.